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Sophia and Amalia are cousins. Sophia’s mom, Amy Chua, is the author of the bestselling memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Amalia’s mom is the real tiger mom, though. The proof is that Amalia was always two years ahead of Sophia in math (and Sophia got pulled out of recess, gym class, and art to be two years ahead of the other kids in math). Sophia and Amalia ended up at Harvard and Yale (respectively), where they did a lot of stuff that wasn't math.


We started this company together because, although we certainly reaped its benefits, we believe the college admissions process is deeply flawed. It’s wrong to think that disciplined and determined teens must be boring. It’s elitist to think that people who couldn’t backpack through Asia or start a Shakespearean theater troupe don’t deserve admission to the world’s best schools. It’s blind to ignore the fact that, while conventional American culture encourages self-promotion and self-expression, many immigrant cultures still promote outward humility and self-deprecation.  Every candidate has something unique to offer to a college community. We’re here to help you find it and convey it to your dream school.

Furthermore, in our experience, tutoring and college prep services often trade on lowering the self-esteem and expectations of students and their families. After all, it’s a lot easier to be a tutor if your client feels lucky to score an 85 on the test.The unfortunate result is that students are led to underestimate their own abilities and potential.  We don’t play that game. For us, there is no such thing as a “bad test-taker” or a student who “just can’t do math.” Tiger Cub Tutors don’t believe in limits. You can always do one more round of edits, take one more practice test, or learn ten more vocab words. It’s hard work, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Tiger Cub Tutoring aims to broaden the accessibility of top-notch one-on-one academic tutoring, college consulting, and standardized test prep. TCT provides tutoring that is both higher-quality and more affordable than that of similar services. Each of our tutors has been hand-picked through a highly-competitive application process, is deeply invested in mentoring high-school students, and is a current or former student at Harvard or Yale. We have an intuitive online booking system, and all sessions are conveniently held over Skype. In addition, we are committed to leveling the playing field through our pro bono practice -- a percentage of every lesson sold goes directly to our scholarship fund, which helps provide tutoring services to meritorious low-income students.

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